Water Polo Free Trial 

WATER POLO FREE TRIAL  (Free for those in-district – For out-of-district there is a pool charge)

To try the sport of water polo at THills free for a week for those indistrict at THPRD please follow all of the following steps below;  For questions please email thillspolo@gmail.com.

  1. Become a member of USA water polo. They have a trial membership with is free and valid for 2 weeks. This covers our insurance while you are in the water.
  2. Become a member of THills Water Polo. Sign up for the session that you are interested in and write in the comments section on the payment page “New Athlete trial period”. If you chose to put in your credit card information it will not be charged for the session until after the trial week (if you decide to continue) or you can chose to pay by check and hand in a check if your athlete decides to continue after the trial period. Normally session fees are not charged on the 1st day of a session and will be charged after the first week of paractice.
  3. For those that are in THPRD district there is no charge but please get a THPRD card which can be scanned quickly. Athletes need to be checked in every time they practice and having a card that can be scanned is quicker and easier for those working the front desk.
  4. Please email thillspolo@gmail.com when you have completed all the steps and let us know when you would like to come to practice.

To try the sport of water polo at THills free for a week for those THPRD OUT-OF-DISTRICT athletes please:.

Follow steps 1-2 (which are free) but for step 3, the out of district fees must be paid (http://www.thprd.org/activities/am-i-in-district).  As of Febuary 2017, this is $86, check the link for up to date costs. THPRD has changed the rules (Dec. 2016) so the daily usage drop in fee cannot be paid for club sports.

Enjoy ! Water polo is a great sport.